Fresh Fish Fillets

Fresh Fish Shipped and the Freshest Fish Fillets Shipped to your Friends and Family in a Decorative Gift Package.


Fresh Fish Shipped direct from our local New England docks. We are the oldest working seaport in America shipping to your home, friends or family for your enjoyment. Our fishing boats pull right up to the back of our facility then are shipped to our customers via FedEx overnight for maximum freshness. All our natural wild caught fresh fish fillets have no antibiotics and are fresh as the day they were caught. Your can’t get fresher fish than that unless you caught it yourself. Really!

Fresh Fish Fillets prepared by our expert local fishermen on staff for that perfect cut. These fresh fish fillets are shipped as fresh and tasty as the day they were caught to your home, friends and business associates overnight in a decorative gift package. You’ll love the taste and freshness of all our local fresh fish delivery items.

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