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Shipped everywhere in the USA

Shipped Everywhere
in the USA:

Via FedEx Express to your Home, Friends & Family.

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Packed in a decorative gift box

Decorative Gift Package

Includes Colorful Tissue Paper, Confetti, Plastic Lobster Bibs & Wetnaps

Shipped from America's Oldest Seaport

Direct from the Oldest
Seaport in America

The Freshest Live Lobsters, Shellfish, Fish Fillets & Fresh Seafood in the USA.

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Fresh Maine Lobsters shipped direct from the Oldest Seaport in America. Shipped direct to Your Doorstep.

We ship Monday thru Friday for Tuesday thru Saturday delivery via FedEx Express Overnight® shipping anywhere in the USA to ensure absolute freshness

(No International orders please).

Fresh Seafood Specials of the Month

See our Products Menu Section Below for Maine Live Lobsters Shipped, Fresh Lobster Meat and New England
Clam Chowder.  All shipped directly to your Home, Friends, Family and Business Associates.

Fresh Lobster Meat Delivery

Fresh Lobster Meat (Fresh/Not Frozen)
(per pound)

$67.00 – On Sale!

Maine Lobster Tails

Maine Shell-on Lobster Tails
8-10 oz per
( Qty 1 Tail per )

$31.00 – On Sale!

Jonah Crab Claws Cap Off

Jonah Crab Claws
(Cap-Off / Easy to Eat)- Qty 10 Per Order

$25.00 – On Sale!

The Freshest Seafood Available in the USA.

Live Lobsters, Fresh Shellfish and Fresh Fish Fillets shipped from the
Oldest Seaport in America.

Home of “The Perfect Storm”, “Wicked Tuna” & “CODA”.  Shipped to your Home via FedEx Express Overnight!

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Decorative Seafood Gift Packages
Decorative Seafood Gift Packages
(Includes Free Shipping)
Seafood of the Month Club
Seafood of the Month Club
(Includes Free Shipping)
Seafood Gift Card
Seafood Gift Certificates
Live Maine Lobsters Shipped
Maine Live Lobsters Shipped
Fresh Lobster Meat
Lobster Tails & Fresh Lobster Meat
Seafood Tools & Seafood Accessories
Lobster Tools & Accessories
Fresh Clams Shipped and Fresh Shellfish Delivery
Fresh Shellfish & Crab Meat
Cooked Maine Lobsters
Cooked Maine Lobsters
Fresh Fish Delivery
Fresh Fish Fillets
Fresh Shrimp Delivery
Fresh Shrimp Cocktail
Fresh Seafood Appetizers
Fresh Seafood Appetizers
Fresh Gourmet Steaks Shipped
Fresh Gourmet Steaks
New England Clam Chowder
Fresh Seafood Chowders
Wholesale Seafood
Wholesale Seafood Shipped
Fresh Gourmet Desserts
Fresh Fish Shipped
Whole Fresh Fish
Fresh Sushi Products Delivery
Fresh Sushi Products
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Decorative Gift Packages
Seafood Gift Card
Seafood Gift Certificates and Fresh Lobster Gift Cards in a

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Live Lobsters Shipped

We pride ourselves in providing
the Freshest Quality Seafood,
Most Knowledgeable Customer Service
& Prompt Delivery for your
Fresh Seafood Enjoyment!

Our Live Lobsters Shipped, Fresh
Seafood & Fresh Fish Gift Packages

  • Your personalized greeting card with your special message to the recipient (if a gift – optional)
  • Colorful confetti and decorative tissue paper
  • Plastic Lobster bibs
  • Seafood Wet naps
  • Includes a $10 gift certificate to be used towards your next order
  • Cooking instructions for lobsters, shellfish and other assorted seafood items

** All pre-configured Decorative Gift Packages will have these items above plus other items
(see your specific pre-configured gift package section for details)