Fresh Gourmet Desserts

Fresh Desserts Shipped in a Decorative Gift Package to Friends & Family for their enjoyment.


These tasty specialty desserts will provide you and your guests with the ultimate culinary experience possible. Our fresh dessert delivery shipped via FedEx to your home, friends, family, and business associates are second to none. The perfect way to end a great seafood meal.

These Fresh Desserts Shipped to Friends and Family are selected for their freshness, high quality textures, taste sensations and elegant presentation. You must try our tasty individual desserts for their exceptional taste and elegant presentation. These tasteful, fresh gourmet desserts are absolutely wonderful to the eye and pallet. Succulent chocolate flavoring, creamy cheesecake and tasty fruit flavors.

Online Ordering per your selected delivery date in advance for your convenience per our drop down calendar during checkout.
The Freshest Seafood Shipped and Live Lobsters Shipped from The Oldest Seaport in America.

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