Seafood Accessories and Lobster Tools

Seafood Accessories and Lobster Tools for your Fresh Seafood eating enjoyment.


Seafood Accessories and Lobster Tools will make your fresh seafood eating experience a pleasurable one.
We ship everywhere in the USA to Homes, Friends & Family.

Don’t forget to order your Silver lobster crackers and Lobster forks to be able to open up those succulent fresh lobster claws.

We have all the fresh seafood lobster tools you would ever need. We provide Red Lobster Crackers, Adult Cotton Lobster Bibs, Seafood Forks and Plastic Lobster Bibs etc. shipped directly to your home or business.

Online Ordering per your selected delivery date in advance for your convenience per our drop down calendar during checkout.

For cleanliness, don’t forget about your Plastic lobster bibs or Adult cotton lobster bibs which are washable and reusable for multiple seafood dinners.

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  • Lobster Roll Bun Top Cut

    Lobster Roll Bun Top Cut – New England Style Top Cut Hot Dog Roll
    (Qty 8 per Pkg)

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  • Lobster Cracker

    Metal Lobster Cracker – Silver ( Qty 1 per )

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  • Plastic Lobster Bibs

    Plastic Lobster Bibs
    ( Qty 6 per )

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  • Seafood Wet Naps

    Seafood Wet Naps
    ( Qty 10 per package )

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  • Lobster Fork

    Lobster Fork – Metal
    ( Qty 1 per )

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  • Cotton Lobster Bibs

    Cotton Lobster Bibs
    (Qty 2 Bibs per order)

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  • Oyster Knife

    Oyster Knife
    ( Black & Silver Handle)
    Qty 1 per

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  • Red Lobster Cracker

    Red Lobster Cracker
    ( Qty 1 per )

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  • Chowder Crackers

    Chowder Crackers
    Qty 2 x 1/2 oz bags

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  • Red Lobster Cracker Kit

    Red Lobster Cracker Kit

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  • Corn on the Cob

    Fresh Corn on the Cob
    ( Qty 2 per )

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  • Seafood Cocktail Sauce

    Seafood Cocktail Sauce
    with Horseradish
    ( 12 oz per bottle )

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  • Fresh Lemon

    Fresh Lemon
    ( Qty 1 per order )

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  • Atlantic Coldwater Seaweed

    Live Seaweed
    (1 pound per)
    – Atlantic Coldwater

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  • Lemon Squeezer

    Lemon Squeezer
    Metal Fish Shaped
    ( Qty 1 per )

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  • Yellow Corn Flour

    Yellow Corn Flour
    (for frying fish / clams / squid)
    1 lb per

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  • Small Red Potatoes

    Small Red Potatoes
    ( Qty 8-10 aprox )
    2 lbs per Bag per

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  • Tartar Sauce for Seafood - 11 oz bottle

    Tartar Sauce for Seafood
    ( 8.5 oz bottle per )

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  • Crab Cracking Mallet

    Crab Cracking Mallet – Wooden
    (Qty 1 per)

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  • All Natural Clam Juice

    All Natural Clam Juice
    8 oz bottle

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  • Clarified Seafood Butter Cup

    Clarified Seafood Butter Cup
    ( 2 oz butter cup per )
    – OUT OF STOCK –

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