Fresh Shrimp Cocktail

Fresh Shrimp Shipped, Stuffed Shrimp and Raw Jumbo Shrimp Shipped in a Decorative Gift Package to Friends and Family for your enjoyment.


Fresh Shrimp Shipped in a Decorative Gift Package. Choose from our Shell-on Black Tiger Cocktail Shrimp which is what high end restaurants use for their shrimp cocktail offerings, or baby native shrimp for that special recipe or appetizer. Both are absolutely delicious. See our recipes section on how to cook these fresh shrimp to perfection. Your package will also accompany your own personalized greeting card and decorative flare which will certainly impress the recipient.

We have the highest quality fresh shrimp shipped in the New England area. Freshly cooked and fresh uncooked shrimp cocktail shipped in a decorative gift package for that special party or event. We have various size shrimp, whether cooked shrimp or uncooked shrimp for that perfect seafood recipe or as an appetizer as shrimp cocktail.

**All fresh shrimp items below are “PER POUND” (unless otherwise noted). Please click on picture of item(s) below for description.

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