Fresh Lobster Meat & Fresh Lobster Tails Delivery

Fresh Lobster Meat and our Shell-on Lobster Tails are one of our fan favorites. Our fresh lobster meat is cooked the day it ships for maximum freshness for your seafood eating enjoyment. You can’t get fresher lobster meat online or fresher lobster tails online than that.

Harvested from the Oldest Working Seaport in America. These Atlantic cold water Lobster Tails and our Fresh Lobster Meat are steamed and shipped the same day for maximum freshness. Cooked from wild-caught live Maine lobsters guaranteed.


Online Advance Ordering per our “drop down calendar” during checkout for your convenience.

Perfect for fresh lobster rolls, baked stuffed lobster, lobster mac and cheese or to make your favorite homemade seafood casserole for that special event or holiday celebration. Melt a little butter on the side for dipping and you’ll be in seafood heaven.

Home of “The Perfect Storm”, “CODA” & “Wicked Tuna” Shipped to your Home via
FedEx Express Overnight!

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  • Lobster Mac and Cheese

    Lobster Mac and Cheese
    (1 pound per order)

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  • Lobster Risotto Cakes

    Fresh Lobster Risotto Cakes
    ( Qty 2 per order – Aprox 6 oz each cake)

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  • Fresh Seafood Stuffing

    Fresh Seafood Stuffing
    (16 oz per)

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    Maine Lobster Tails

    Jumbo Maine Lobster Tails
    (16-18 oz per Tail)
    – Qty 1 tail per order)
    – Uncooked/Shell-on

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    Large Lobster Tails

    Maine Lobster Tails – Medium
    12 oz -14.0 oz
    Uncooked Shell-On
    (Qty 1 Tail per order)

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  • Shell-on Lobster Tails

    Maine Shell-on Lobster Tails
    8-10 oz per
    ( Qty 1 Tail per )

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    Fresh Lobster Meat

    Fresh Lobster Meat shipped
    (Fresh Tails, Knuckles & Claws)
    (1 pound per order)

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  • Fresh Lobster Tails shipped

    Fresh Lobster Tails – FRESHLY COOKED
    (Qty 5-7 sm.tails per pound)

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    Frozen Lobster Meat

    Frozen Lobster Meat – Tail, Knuckle, Claw
    (2 pounds per order – COOKED)

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  • Lobster Roll Bun Top Cut

    Lobster Roll Bun Top Cut – New England Style Top Cut Hot Dog Roll
    (Qty 8 per Pkg)

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    Raw Lobster Roe

    Raw Lobster Roe
    Uncooked Lobster Eggs
    (per pound)

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    Cooked Lobster Roe

    Fresh Lobster Roe
    Pre-Cooked Steamed
    Lobster Eggs
    ( 8 oz – HALF POUND PER ORDER )

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  • Fresh Lobster Bodies Shipped

    Fresh Lobster Bodies
    (pre-steamed with insides)
    (2 pounds per bundle)
    aprox 3-5 bodies per

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  • Atlantic Coldwater Seaweed

    Live Seaweed
    (1 pound per)
    – Atlantic Coldwater

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