Fresh Uni Meat
– Qty 5 Trays per order
( GRADE AAA – AA Sea Urchin Meat )
– each tray is 60 gram / 3.0 oz per tray


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Fresh Uni Meat- (Qty 5 x  3 oz  / 60 gram per Tray) Atlantic Sea Urchin Meat

This Fresh Uni Meat is cold water Atlantic Sea Urchin Meat in a tray to make that special sushi dinner party a big hit. Harvested from live sea urchins here in the New England area and placed in a tray for your convenience.

Qty 5 x 8 inch by 5 inch wooden tray as shown with aprox 15-25 urchin meat pieces per tray ( 3 oz / 60 gram per tray ). Size of each piece depends on run that particular day (some larger than others). – fresh, not frozen.

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